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Types of product licenses

Terms of use
When purchasing one of the digital kits in our store, you acquire the Product Use License. STANDART commercial license included in the price. This means that the file belongs solely and exclusively to katyusharay.com and you obtain, upon purchase, the right to use it under certain conditions, namely:

Commercial Use : It is intended for the use of files for the production of items for sale and/or commercialization limited to 1000 (a thousand) units per year.

If you plan to manufacture an item with our illustrations over 1000 pieces/copies, you need to purchase this item with EXTENDED commercial license. Please select a license when purchasing!

What can you do:

1. Purchased artwork can be used on up to 1000 pieces or more, depending on the license you choose, of physical products.

2. Use our cliparts inserted in your own art of digital products, which are marketed in a way that does not allow the reuse of our illustrations by third parties. For example, Online Invitations, Digital Menus, Diary Books, etc.

In these cases, you should create new artwork that incorporates other assets, graphics and/or text. The illustrations must be part of a new product created by you. (Example of a digital product that you cannot sell: an digital image made only with our illustrations)

What you CANNOT do:

1. Files purchased on the katyusharay.com website cannot be sub-licensed, distributed, donated, passed on, traded, resold or shared.

2. Purchased files may not be edited, altered or mixed with other elements and then sold as digital kits.

3. Illustrations cannot be used in digital products distributed free of charge.

4. We do not allow the vectorization of our illustrations.

5. We do not allow the sale of printables (files containing art and cutting guide) in .dxf , .svg formats. , .studio , etc., as they make it possible for third parties to reuse our illustrations.

6. We do not allow the use of our illustrations in software development for websites, mobile apps, desktop apps or video game development.

7. Our illustrations must not be used in logos or as part of a trademark. It is not allowed to register any trademark using our cliparts.

Special cases

If you want to use our illustrations as a reference to create products (embroideries and matrices, decorated cookies, characters or molds in felt, biscuit or EVA, porcelain painting, etc.) from them for sale, you You are buying a digital kit with a standard license (in these cases, the purchase of the license does not depend on the number of items sold)! And additionally credit us on the product page where you sell it.
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